Taste Our Product & Indulge

Hot and Cold Coffee Drinks


Frappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Cold Brew, Iced Coffee, Espresso shot, Frappe, Chai and Green Tea Latte are among the few drinks we carry.  Lots of unique flavor to choose from.  Make sure to try our seasonal flavors, gingerbread or pumpkin spice.  Hot organic Brewed Tea for the none coffee drinkers.

Boba Milk Teas


Thai, Taro, Coconuts, Strawberry, Lavender, Mango, and Green Tea are the amazing blend of Ice Milk Teas we offer.  Add Boba pearl or Jelly bits to any Milk tea for a more exotic experience.  

Serve between 12pm - 6pm

Refreshing Green Teas


Regular, Ginger, Mango, Passion Fruit, Mint, and Coconut are some of the option for our delicious colorful Teas.  Add popping Jelly pearls, and chewy Boba to these exotic cold iced drinks.  Also try our refreshing Tropical Teas with added fruits.



Our smoothies feature unique blends of topical fruits blended to perfection.  Want that extra boost? we can make you a protein smoothie to get you going for the day.   

Hand Dipped Ice cream


Maddlulu ice cream are bold and rich in flavor.  We offer hand dipped Ice Cream.  It can be served your traditional way in a cup or in a cone.  We respect those who just want simplicity.

No Holding Back Ice Cream Lover


When you are not afraid to extend your taste bud for a cold treat, you need to try Maddlulu Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Cone.  Filled with whatever treats that can withstand the  scoop of the Ice Cream in it.  This is Slam Dunk all the way, so don't be shy.

Caribbean Ice Cream bowl


In this desert dish, you get Ice Cream topped with Fried Hot Plantain.   This dish is offered as dined in only.

Wednesday Morning Glory


Wednesdays needs a warm breakfast meal that just makes you feel satisfied and just plain old happy.  It's Maddlulu homemade hot Porridge.   Pair it off with our London Fog Drink and you are in heaven.



Our Quiche are fulfilling.  We have about four flavors of Quiche to choose from.  Most popular ones are our plain Veggie and the Turkey Quiche.  Try the Tuesday Combo Quiche which come with soup.

Let's Talk Crepe - Savory or Sweet


Want a comfort food?  Try our Creperie cafe.  Our Crepe are versatile and has different toppings to cater to different nutritional needs.  Maddlulu offers Savory and Sweet Crepes.  Savory Crepe are a great Meal alternative.  

Desert That Everyone Loves


An Italian favorite desert.  We carry about 3 different types of Cannoli.  All Cannoli are filled at timed of purchase. Stuffed with Chocolate Chip Ricotta filling that is creamy, sweet, and delightful. 



Maddlulu has assorted pastries baked in house.   We also bring in a variety of small bites and changes it monthly to keep these treats interesting and excited to try out.  We partner at times with other local bakeries as a way to expend our options.